Hyunsoo Claire Kim MPT

I graduated from Kyunghee University with a Bachelor of International Business and Trade in South Korea. After I moved to Canada in 2015, I found my genuine interest in human anatomy and physiology. I continued my studies at the University of Manitoba and completed a Masters of Physical Therapy in 2020.

I am passionate about further broadening my knowledge with continued education and plan on taking various courses including Acupuncture in near future.

I love a quote often used in my class: "Movement = good". Exercise is always recommendable but can be modified depending on physical and environmental limitations. My job is to help people stay active in their own environment and improve their quality of life.

In my spare time, I enjoy home fitness such as free weight exercises, interval training, and spinning. Also, I am definitely a coffee person, so I love to find local coffee places to enjoy unique flavors of coffee. 

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